Portable Solar Oven

I love solar cookers, well who doesn’t using them is really a no brainer (free energy, cutting carbon and a great tan!), but I would never have dreamed about taking them away on a hiking or camping holiday, that’s is until now!

This portable solar cooker is light weight (0.3kg) and compact, folding away into a neat shouldler bag. It is great for reheating cooked food or cooking simple dishes. It gets hot fast! 110oC in under 30 minutes (in optimal conditions) and has a zippered plastic cover, to trap the heat for effective cooking.

Please note: It is not the most efficient solar oven (takes 50min to boil 500ml water) and as it lacks insulation it can loose heat quickly. However if you are looking for portability and are not planning to cook complex meals, it is the way to go!

FIND the SunLite Solar Oven

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