Tomorrow Somewhere New

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Tomorrow Somewhere New

The story of a family who trade in their  backyard for this expansive world…

Have you ever felt trapped in a static life you didn’t choose? Ever considered just walking away from it all and creating your own adventure? When Josh and Jessa Works asked themselves these questions, they answered by loading their son Jack into an Airstream and launching into an exploration and rediscovery of America, not in search of a place to settle, but rather creating a new kind of home out of wandering.

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This festive season the internet is full of creative ideas for eco- conscious gifting. The one that stood out the most was re- gifting. To put it simply re-gifting is giving people gifts that you have received that you don’t want or need and that you know they would love! Thanx to the creative team at Brain Pickings and their Regifting API , re-gifting is fast becoming a socially acceptable and cool way of gift-giving and leaving it’s stigmas behind.

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Sight – a glimpse of the future?

A while back I got interested in gamification (or use of  game mechanics or game dynamics) as a way of driving participation and engagement in projects and campaigns. There are many great examples that show how the use of gamification can generate positive change, from encouraging people to recycle or engage with their communities.

However there is also a lurking dark side to gamification as people become more and more reliant on technology to run their lives, and nothing puts it as clearly as this film.  Created by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, Sight  takes us into a wild, dark future where gamification has taken over every aspect of society from cooking food to dating!


DIY GMO Labeling

In the USA activists have come up with this brilliant “decentralized, autonomous grassroots campaign” Label It Yourself  that encourages citizens to take it upon themselves to label GMO foods at local shops!! For more details on how to “sticker bomb the local grocery store” and GMO labeling guidelines check out their website. (Found on:  Treehugger).


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pedal powered food precessor
pedal power3
pedal power4

Pedal Powered Food Processor

With the energy crunch around the corner, isn’t it nice to know that you can take your morning smoothie off grid!!

Created by Christoph Thetard  the R2B2 is a multi-functional, pedal-powered kitchen machine that can be used for a variety of food processing tasks from blending to grinding coffee. The machine is powered by a rotating flywheel that when pedaled at 400rpm generates 350 watts of power per minute, enough to handle most daily kitchen tasks.


The Bicycle Film Festival

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming to SA this November!

Started in 2001 by Brendt Barbur, the BFF is now a global phenomenon that celebrates the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.

The Bicycle Film Festival is a testament to the power of film and media to change the world and has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last decade.

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Seed Bombing

This is the only kind of warfare we should be waging! Watch how guerrilla gardeners use seed bombs to fight urban blight and transform empty lots into thriving, productive green spaces…

In this video Roly Poly of LA Guerrilla Gardening shows us how to make seed bombs. You can also read a detailed step-by-step Seedbombs recipe. Seed bombing involves tossing compressed clods of soil and seeds ( vegetables + flowers) to restore +  beautify neglected public spaces.



Secret Gardener

As the cold mist rolls of the Atlantic, Cape Town’s guerilla gardeners come out to play, transforming every lamppost and fence on Tableview’s beach front into a mini floral kingdom.

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Guerrilla Gardening

If the name, conjures up images of covert operations, war and destruction – well guerilla gardening can’t be further from that, minus the fact that it is illegal in many countries! In cities across the world activists are taking over neglected public spaces and transforming them into urban gardens. Volunteers come form all walks of life, but with one mission to destroy urban blight and beautify their neighborhoods. In this video Mr. Stamen and Roly Poly from LA Guerrilla Gardening, share how they practice urban beautification with guerrilla tactics like seed bombing!

Go gather – Nettle Soup

Go Gather is a series of short films by Green Renaissance, aimed at inspiring people to source food sustainably from nature.

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