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Wildfire is a creative studio that uses design, film and new media to ignite social change. We are passionate about creating a sustainable future and use our creativity to bring this message to a wider audience.

We work with a range of clients, from non-profit organisations and community groups to future thinking businesses who are looking to create, develop and publicise social and environmental initiatives.

We bring to each project a deep understanding of environmental issues and a professional team  that specialises in design thinking, viral video and film, environmental education, social media and digital design.

Together we can help you ignite ideas that will change this world for the better…

Meet the Creative Team

What we do

Films, documentaries, viral videos


  • Viral Videos and Webisodes
  • Documentaries for TV and web
  • Commercials
  • Short Films + Organisation /Company Profiles


Social + Environmental Campaigns


  • Design and development of environmental education, awareness and greening initiatives
  • Social campaign development – identity / branding, digital media


Sustainable Projects + Design Solutions 


  • Green architectural + design solutions – green retrofits and new build, product/ industrial design
  • Sustainability consulting- sustainable strategy, research, eco-auditing and implementation.
  • Urban gardens/ sustainable landscapes

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Our work ranges from documentary films to viral video campaigns and social and environmental initiatives. Our services are tailor made to our clients needs, ensuring their message is enhanced and sent out into the world to make a difference.


Our films bring your social message home in a clear and powerful way- engaging the viewer through creative storytelling and compelling imagery.

We use the latest HD technology and green film production techniques.

Our client + partners

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