Sunshine Cinema

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Sunshine Cinema

Imagine a cinema powered only by the energy of the sun that can entertain and educate communities anywhere, everywhere…

The Sunshine Cinema is a mobile, solar-powered cinema that fuses storytelling & the power of contemporary media –  enabling knowledge and skills sharing from one community to another, transferring important information & practical solutions to a range of health, environmental & social issues.
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The Cape Town Eco Film Festival

The 2014 Cape Town Eco Film Festival will take place at the Labia Theatre on Orange Street in Cape Town, South Africa from Thursday the 27th of March to Monday the 31st of March.
The event brings the best local and international documentary films focusing on environmental issues to Cape Town.

We are very excited that two of our short films will be screening there.

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Bicycle Cape Town – Fueling a revolution

The secret is out – discover why Capetonians are choosing to ditch their cars and go by bike – fueling a revolution that is changing the way we live, move and connect with fellow citizens.

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GoldieBlox – disrupting the pink aisle

Do you ever feel frustrated that there are still so few women graduates of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics? Is it really such a wonder when early in a girl’s life, she is inundated with pretty, pink toys – toys that usually don’t encourage her to enter those fields.

Enter GoldieBlox, a toy company out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses, teaching girls that engineering and science can be fun too— growing their potential to build the future — literally.

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Bicycle CPT – a WDC 2014 Recognised Project

We are thrilled to announce that our campaign Bicycle Cape Town has been selected as a World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 Project!

Created in 2012 Bicycle CPT is a community platform for Cape Town’s emerging urban bicycle culture. The campaign aims to inspire more people to ride bicycles, facilitating a shift from car-dominated to carbon free mobility and the creation of a more livable city.

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Think Like MacGyver!

Do you remember MacGuyver, the 1980′s TV show about a super smart, secret agent who used everyday objects to solve problems and survive the most impossible situations? While most of series is pure fiction, there are lessons to be learned from MacGyver’s actions – his resourcefulness, ingenuity and creativity. In her article Think Like MacGyver: Creative Resilience in the ‘Developing World’Heather Fleming, CEO of Catapult Design, explores the 4 factors that enable his success…

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Tomorrow Somewhere New

The story of a family who trade in their  backyard for this expansive world…

Have you ever felt trapped in a static life you didn’t choose? Ever considered just walking away from it all and creating your own adventure? When Josh and Jessa Works asked themselves these questions, they answered by loading their son Jack into an Airstream and launching into an exploration and rediscovery of America, not in search of a place to settle, but rather creating a new kind of home out of wandering.

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MindDrive Social Fuel

Powered by Tweets and social media, and built by high school kids, this electric car is not only changing young lives but is being used to transform education – raising awareness for experiential learning programmes like MindDrive.

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BikeNYC Campaign #bikelikeanewyorker

To celebrate the launch of and the development of Citi Bike NYC’s bike share system, Transportation Alternatives together with marketing gurus Mother New York created the dramatic  print and outdoor campaign Bike Like a New Yorker.  The campaign calls attention to cyclists in the city with print ads and billboards posted throughout publications and around town, encouraging more New Yorkers to choose a bicycle for everyday use.

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This is your life – The Holstee Manifesto

“This is your life. Do what you love and do it often.”

The creation of the Holstee Manifesto is an inspiring story of how creativity, community and passion can change the world from the inside out.

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