Reporting from ground zero Fukushima

This is an eerie report by Peter Becker of the Koeberg Alert Alliance of life in and around Fukushima’s radiation contaminated areas.

We drove through evacuated areas at times, and had a geiger counter in the bus, and one taped to the outside of the bus.  The numbers fluctuated, and they read out the figures as we drove around.  It was eerie to know that we were in the bus, but gamma rays from the fall out were all around us, and passing through the bus, and our bodies, even though we seemed so enclosed and high off the ground.

In a community centre, a dairy farmer spoke to us about a collective decision by the farmers in one area to slaughter all their cows.  The milk being produced was radioactive, and they could not imagine trying to sell it to anyone. A friend of his committed suicide after that, leaving a note apologising to his family and friends, with the last words being ‘… if only they had not built any nuclear reactors here…’.

For the full story and to find out more about nuclear power in SA visit the:

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