Reporting from ground zero Fukushima

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Reporting from ground zero Fukushima

This is an eerie report by Peter Becker of the Koeberg Alert Alliance of life in and around Fukushima’s radiation contaminated areas.

We drove through evacuated areas at times, and had a geiger counter in the bus, and one taped to the outside of the bus.  The numbers fluctuated, and they read out the figures as we drove around.  It was eerie to know that we were in the bus, but gamma rays from the fall out were all around us, and passing through the bus, and our bodies, even though we seemed so enclosed and high off the ground.

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Behind the Scenes at The Green Expo

Wow, this past weekend was so much fun. We arrived at the Expo on Friday and spent most of the day buzzing around the different exhibits. There was so much to see from eco activisim (Koeberg Alert Alliance, Treasure the Karoo and Greenpop) to very cool green tech (Elabel’s smart phone App) that we began to wonder how we would fit it all into one episode.

Then I had this crazy idea to film the expo from an electric scooter! Andy Le May of Icologie kindly agreed to drive us round and host the show!  All I can say is that something really exciting was born… (stay tuned for the big reveal in 2012).

Here are some pics to whet your appetite.

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Voice of the Youth – Our Energy Future

The first of a series of films comissioned by Koeberg Alert Alliance to raise awareness around the issues of nuclear energy and promote their Anti Nuclear Campaign.

“No Nuclear, No – we want clean energy”. Cape Town’s youth are adding their voices to the call for a clean energy future in South Africa. They came together to protest government’s plans to build more nuclear power stations + encourage South Africans to stand up for their rights to a clean, safe future, free of toxic radioactive waste – a future based on sustainable, renewable (truly Ayoba) energy.

Unplugging A Nuclear Future

A new episode of Ecobuzz! 

Silence falls over the city. Smoke blocks out the sky. People moan, collapse to the ground. Could this be another nuclear disaster? Another Chernobyl? The haze clears, protesters return to their feet. Not this time, is their answer. But the possibility looms if South Africa adopts a nuclear future…

On 23 April 2010 Earthlife Africa and partners brought their powerful anti- nuclear campaign “Unplug Nuclear 1″ to the gates of Parliament.

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