The Joy of Fix

I have been hunting the web for a video to post for the first day of spring! The choice, as you can imagine was blossoming flowers, bleating lambs or eco spring cleaning – you get the picture. Luckily I found this video which although unconventional for a spring posting – really embodies the true essence of spring – rejuvenation and renewal!

So this spring, let’s take something that is old or broken and give it new life and enjoy the Joy of the Fix.


The story begins with a tragic scene – a table full of broken stuff. Unwanted and unloved these well-worn and once useful objects are destined for the dump… until they are rescued by some magical mending creatures who not only fix them ready to be loved and used again but bring each object to life with surprising beauty and charm.

Written by Olivia Knight
Animation created and directed by Claire Lever and Steven Boot
Starring Sugru
Photography by Martin Kelly
Music by Jacob H James​jacobhjames
Sound by James Trott and Craig Sanderson
Edited by Martin Kelly
Produced by Haydn Secker

Website: Do the Green Thing

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