Lewis Pugh Interview

Inspiring 50|50 interview with Lewis Pugh, environmental campaigner, a maritime lawyer and an endurance swimmer on Climate Change & Fracking.


Lewis Pugh — Endurance Swimmer on Climate Change & Fracking: Lewis is an environmental campaigner, a maritime lawyer and an endurance swimmer. He was the first person to complete a long distance swim in every ocean of the world. He frequently swims in vulnerable ecosystems to draw attention to their plight. “I will never forget the first time I saw a polar bear. I was in awe of its absolute beauty. I realised at that moment that I may be one of the last people to see them alive. Their habitat is melting away rapidly with climate change. By swimming in vulnerable ecosystems, I want to draw attention to the impact of our actions… I will swim – and stand for the future of our planet. I believe that each and every one of us can do something to ensure that future generations enjoy a safe and sustainable world.” Simon caught up with Lewis to chat about his opinions on climate change and fracking after he made an eye-raising speech to Shell earlier in the year.

Website: 50|50 Human Nature



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