Manon Ossevoort – A Journey of a girl on a Tractor

The first Episode of the UP – showcasing the inspired examples of humanKIND today. This is the story of a girl and her dog who traveled 38.000 kilometres on a tractor from the Netherlands to the South Pole in search of beautiful projects, initiatives and stories that give courage and prove that ‘sometimes you just have to do it!’

At the moment Manon is raising money for the last leg of her epic journey to and through the ‘end of the world’: the South Pole expedition, with the tractor.


As a theatre maker I came up with a plan for a journey.
A journey of a girl on a tractor.
A journey to the end of the world, and back.
But what is the end of the world?
If I was a child, I would say: the South pole!
As an adult I said: the worst war-country I can imagine.
Both voices, the one of the child and the one of the adult, said: We want to go!
Then I thought: All right, we’ll just do that.


The UP – is a monthly UPlifting story showcasing the inspired examples of humanKIND today. Every last weekend of the month – be sure to tune into the channel again for your access to a little JOY & UPliftment. It’s time for the YAY sayers and the more we share the UPlifting, transformational, inspiring possibility stories – the more we all feel motivated to be part of The UP…

This is one the inspiring JOY vehicles of The UPliftment Programme “Sharing The Healing Power of JOY.

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