Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

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Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

A must watch – with haunting lyrics and spectacular visuals Nahko exposes the scars of cultural wounds, environmental wrongs, and social injustices weaving together a powerful message that will remain etched into your soul.
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Powered by Trees

Imagine a forest that could power its own network of sensors to monitor ecosystem health. Well, this idea is fast turning from sci-fi into reality as more scientits explore how to harvest the metabolic energy from non-animal organisms such as trees.

The latest research by Andreas Mershin’s team at MIT shows that using electrodes made of the same metal gives a current, the electricity comes from a difference in pH between the tree and the soil, a chemical imbalance that is created by the tree’s metabolic processes!

While we are a long way off from powering a light bulb, this is surely an glimpse of a green energy future.

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Cover photograph by: Chad Stetson

Umbrella’s to Harvest rainwater

Emotive video from India, put a unique spin on rainwater harvesting and shows how an upside down umbrella can become a personal rain catcher. The film seeks to deliver a simple message: Rain water belongs to each of us and that we should collect and share. Below are some pics of more umbrella harvesters.

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Stop Shell #SaveTheArctic

Greenpeace activists are taking direct action against Shell’s plans to drill the Arctic for oil. On 24 Feb 2012 in the Port of Taranaki, New Zealand seven Greenpeace activists including actor Lucy Lawless scaled the derrick on a drillship commissioned by Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic.

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Do you dig Trees?

If you dig trees and traveling, then super cool, Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia Project is definitely for you! For 3 weeks in July 2012, they will be hosting a reforestation and conservation education project in Livingstone, in partnership with Zambezi Nkuku. In an effort to fight this drastic deforestation, Greenpop will be planting 5,000 to 10,000 trees in Livingstone and spreading education… Read more to find out how to volunteer and/or support this project from home!

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TrashBack – Rewards for Rubbish

We just produced a promo video for TrashBack, a new social enterprise which incentivises disadvantaged communities to manage their own waste and recycle.

Since the launch of the TrashBack/ uphinda-phindo! pilot project 5 months ago, over 18 TONS of recycling has been collected and 826 rewards have been given out to participants. TrashBack continues to uplift the community through education initiatives…

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Engaging Renewable Energy

A project of the Electricity Governance Initiative South Africa, 2011. This video looks at the events that took place in November 2011 which promoted informed and sustainable engagement between parliament and civil society on energy and climate issues.


Transition SA Series Preview

We are excited to announce that Cape Town TV is now broadcasting Transition SA. This 6-part documentary series explores Project 90 x 2030 ground breaking initiative to establish renewable energy demonstration sites throughout South Africa.

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Food. Water. Energy. For All. Forever

WWF “We live in a world of more, yet we could live in a world of enough – a world where
there’s enough food, water and energy for everyone”.

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Global Wheeling Trailer

One Man, one bicycle, 40 countries, 4 continents – an environmental pilgrimage to highlight the bike as a positive tool in the battle against climate change. Watch the trailer created for an upcoming documentary on South African solo adventurer Kayden Kleinhans’ epic bicycle journey around the world all in the name of carbon reduction and environmental awareness.

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