Playpumps revisited – appropriate technology?

Last week we posted an article on the PlayPump – which on the surface looks like a wonderful innovation to alleviate access to water. However, a recent research shows that in reality there are many problems with the design, questioning what is truly appropriate technology. In this video Ralph Borland gives a talk on ‘The problem with the PlayPump’ at IGNITE at the Science Gallery tent in Mindfield, at The Electric Picnic in September 2011. Read more for a longer version.

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Playpumps – harnessing the power of play

Playpumps are a low tech solution to one of Africa’s greatest challenges – access to clean drinking water. This life changing invention, utilizes human power – harnessing the power of play to pump water. As children play on a specially designed merry-go-round, borehole water is pumped into and stored in a 2,500 litre tank, where it can be accessed when needed.

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