Sight - a glimpse of the future?

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Sight – a glimpse of the future?

A while back I got interested in gamification (or use of  game mechanics or game dynamics) as a way of driving participation and engagement in projects and campaigns. There are many great examples that show how the use of gamification can generate positive change, from encouraging people to recycle or engage with their communities.

However there is also a lurking dark side to gamification as people become more and more reliant on technology to run their lives, and nothing puts it as clearly as this film.  Created by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, Sight  takes us into a wild, dark future where gamification has taken over every aspect of society from cooking food to dating!


The Recycling Game

Did you ever think that recycling was a bit boring? Well not anymore – a Boston based company called Greenbean Recycle is turning recycling into a game where everyone wins!

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Playpumps revisited – appropriate technology?

Last week we posted an article on the PlayPump – which on the surface looks like a wonderful innovation to alleviate access to water. However, a recent research shows that in reality there are many problems with the design, questioning what is truly appropriate technology. In this video Ralph Borland gives a talk on ‘The problem with the PlayPump’ at IGNITE at the Science Gallery tent in Mindfield, at The Electric Picnic in September 2011. Read more for a longer version.

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TrashBack – Rewards for Rubbish

We just produced a promo video for TrashBack, a new social enterprise which incentivises disadvantaged communities to manage their own waste and recycle.

Since the launch of the TrashBack/ uphinda-phindo! pilot project 5 months ago, over 18 TONS of recycling has been collected and 826 rewards have been given out to participants. TrashBack continues to uplift the community through education initiatives…

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Playpumps – harnessing the power of play

Playpumps are a low tech solution to one of Africa’s greatest challenges – access to clean drinking water. This life changing invention, utilizes human power – harnessing the power of play to pump water. As children play on a specially designed merry-go-round, borehole water is pumped into and stored in a 2,500 litre tank, where it can be accessed when needed.

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Piano Stairs by The Fun Theory

How do you get people to change their behavior for the better? Well, the guys at Fun Theory have the solution – they make it fun!

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