Playpumps - harnessing the power of play

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Playpumps – harnessing the power of play

Playpumps are a low tech solution to one of Africa’s greatest challenges – access to clean drinking water. This life changing invention, utilizes human power – harnessing the power of play to pump water. As children play on a specially designed merry-go-round, borehole water is pumped into and stored in a 2,500 litre tank, where it can be accessed when needed.

Since 2008 Roundabout Water Solutions has installed over 640 PlayPumps in South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho and Swaziland enabling communities to have access reliable, safe drinking water.

Playpumps also has a knock on social effect increasing overall attendance at schools (especially girls who previously were taken out to collect water), reducing water borne health problems and improving gender equality and economic development, and bring joy to children.

  1. leonie

    This week we revisited this design solution and discovered that beneath the surface was a technology that although innovative as not necessarily appropriate.

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