The wonderful Wonderbag

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Wonderbag where you save energy, time and money every time you cook! 
Wonderbags are  insulated, heat-retention cooking bags that enable energy efficient, fuss-free cooking from vegetable curries to simple rice and soups. In this video food writer Katie Bishop shows us how to cook a gourmet meal the Wonderbag way.


1.Heat up your pot of food on the stove to kick-starting the cooking process – time will vary from 5 mins e.g. to 30 mins e.g. a meat stew

2. Then place it in the Wonderbag. Wonderbag’s clever insulating properties allow food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking while in the bag without the use of additional energy.

Check out the Wonderbag website for a host of great recipes and cooking tips.


  • It can reduces fuel usage up to 30% – saving money and easing poverty
  • It reduces COemissions
  • It reduces toxic fumes which means less respiratory problems and other diseases, particularly in children
  • It reduces accidents in the kitchen, because stoves are used less
  • It reduces time spent cooking and tending cooking food , giving more time for child-care,earning an income or  other activities
  • It saves precious water. When the pot is insulated in a Wonderbag at a fairly constant temperature, less evaporation occurs, so less water is needed
  • It saves food. 20% of all staple food in Africa is burned, due to pots being placed on open fires and unregulated stove tops. With the Wonderbag no burning happens

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