Simple Intrigue

Strolling through Hout Bay’s Harbour Market, I stumble across this magical little stall where abandoned objects and books are given new life and transformed into works of art, some functional, some, simply intriguing…

About the Designer – Keri Muller

“Treasure hunter, hoarder, maker of stuff, collector, browser, day dreamer, walker, traveller. A lover of all things old and new, colour, silence, design, paper, forgotten items and spaces, the Karoo, buildings and structural lines.

Keri is a maker of stuff. She folds, glues and cuts paper and old books into artworks, traditional origami shapes and more abstract pieces. Collecting and hoarding abandoned objects and books and giving them another life through artworks forms the basis of much of her work. Popup books and cards, delicate paper mobiles and a humorous range of sketch prints are all part of her affordable retail range of products. A rather energetic imagination contributes to her stories about funny ornament animals she rescues and creating whimsical drawings and words for print form a large part of her work as well.

Keri does work on commission for all types of writing projects be it travel or products related and does also do large scale installations often involving paper. This work is all done on request and she works closely with the client to produce what they would like whether it be for a publication, a new product, a corporate function, a wedding or a special gift.

Her blog acts as a diary for all the things she observes in her day to day life and is a random and rather eclectic collection of inspiration and ongoing personal work”  –

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