A Year of Open Source Living

Starting 1 August 2012, Berlin based filmmaker Sam Muirhead will ‘live’ Open Source for a year – that is without proprietary goods, “using and creating only Open Source solutions for every aspect of life, from cutting videos to chopping onions”!

In this ultimate DIY maker experiment, Sam will “be testing just how far the open source idea can go in real life” and giving us a glimpse of the future that Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux) imagined when he said “The future is open-source everything,”

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Women are Heroes

“once you start on the road to emancipation you have to keep going….

‘Women Are Heroes’ celebrates the heroism of women living through hardship and conflict. Created by French photographer and ‘urban artivist’ JR, Women Are Heroes is a powerful and provocative project that gives identity and a voice to the women of Africa, Brazil, India and Cambodia who are often victims of wartime, crime, assault, and political extremism.

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