On the Line

As Western Europe drowns under political and economical crisis, a spontaneous, peaceful movement is emerging from the squares of Spain. Everyday people are finding their voice and demanding political and economical changes. They call themselves the Indignants and they are on the move.

About the film

Events that took place in recent weeks mobilise European social movement to take part in big march from Spain, Greece, Portugal, France and other countries to Brussels. Next meeting is predicted on the 17th September in Paris, further one on the 8th October in front of European Parliament. Organizers of the ‘indignities’ march also announcing global demonstration on the 15th October.”

We would like to continue this project, at the moment we need your votes for the link below:

Many thanks – Amira Bochenska & Alberto Reverón
music : The XX




BBC NEWS – Spanish Indignants start long protest march to Brussels

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