How to make a tilt-out window garden

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How to make a tilt-out window garden

This drawbridge-style window garden, named Volet Végétal, was created by Paris-based design and architecture firm BarreauCharbonnet is the perfect solution for people who are living in apartments with no garden or balcony.
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Roll it Home

Imagine a home that could transform with the spin of a wheel! The Roll It experimental house designed by students at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, cleverly incorporates multiple uses inside one small flexible living space. The homeowner can change the structure of the house simply by walking in the center to rotate it. Seen on detail

Corner Ladder

WILD IDEA – A CORNER LADDER! Barcelona based design studio, Company and Company have created a unique ladder that can fold into any corner – making it perfect for small spaces. Watch it in action!

Eco Box

South African architects, Wolf and Melanie of Wolf and Wolf Architects are creating unique pre-fab homes that demonstrate compact living that maximises space and minimises environmental impact. Their multifunctional work and living spaces employ some very clever solutions e.g. bunks that transform into a seating area. These allow for working, sleeping and cooking spaces as well as a bathroom to fit within a small footprint (3.6m x 6m in this prototype in Onrus).

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