DIY Smartphone Speakers

This has to be the easiest way to boost the speaker sound on your ipod, iphone or smart phone. Don’t expect it to sound like a high-end audio system, but the volume does increase a few decibels! Follow our DIY steps and hear for yourself.


Scissors, 1 x toilet roll, 2x yoghurt tubs and a pencil or marker. 


Cut an opening on the top of the toilet roll. This is where the device slots in. You can outline your phone, using the pencil or marker to get the exact size.


Take each yoghurt container and outline the toilet roll, using a pencil or marker to get the exact size of the opening.


Cut an opening on the side of the yoghurt container. This is where the toilet roll will slot in.


Assemble the components. Switch on the music and relax and enjoy…


Alternative design: Here is another very cool, super simple system to boost the sound from Lifehacker. They even ran some tests and found that it increased the decibels by  18, putting it on a par with unpowered speakers you can buy in the shops! Just drop the iPhone into a paper cup (it must be paper as this performs better than glass and ceramics) with the speaker facing down.

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