Eco Kids Film Festival – 3-7 October

Next week 3-7 October sees the first EKFI Environmental Film Festival in Cape Town! There is a really exciting line up and all the films are designed for kids (and adults alike). So head over to the Labia on Orange Street. We will be screening some of our latest eco series. Read on for the program

More about the festival
Through films that are entertaining, educational, and above all inspirational it is EKFI’s goal to inspire real change through the children of today and generations to come by promoting a proactive strategy to environmental awareness through film as medium.
Each of the films has been selected for their strong environmental theme by a panel consisting of parents, childhood experts, environmental educators and conservationists. We have taken great care to ensure that the films that have made the final selection speak positively to children of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures and are made for children rather than about children.

Format: Two parallel screening sessions of a selection of short films, taking place daily from 10am lasting no more than two hours.
Who: The two sessions are for the age groups 7-12 year old and 13-17 year old. (Parents are welcome to attend too)
Please note that each screening will be followed by a Q&A session guided by a facilitator. Due to the nature of these sessions we cannot guarantee a specific end-time. However, the entire programme will not take longer than two hours and will be completed by 12pm at the latest.

When: 3 – 7 October 2011; 10am-12pm
It’s a great activity for the school holidays.
Where: Labia cinema in Orange street, Cape Town
Cost: R20 a ticket
Book tickets through the Labia: 021 424 5927

Please note that The Book Lounge will be selling environmental books for kids and the whole family at the festival so be sure to bring your pocket money

Monday, 3 October, 10am: GLOBAL WARMING
Facilitators: and Hearth Heritage
Join in as we watch some great films to learn about the effect that global warming is having on the planet and its inhabitants. and Hearth Heritage will also be telling us what we can do at home and at school to minimize the effects.

Tuesday, 4 October, 10am: ENERGY
Facilitators: Koeberg Alert Alliance and Project 90×2030
Today’s films are all about energy in South Africa and the impact that various energy sources have on the environment. We also take a look at how the Johannesburg zoo, Durban botanical garden and our very own Two Oceans Aquarium are using renewable energy sources.

Wednesday, 5 October, 10am: POLLUTION AND LITTER
Facilitators: UCT Green Campus Initiative
Through a series of local and international animated and live-action films we come to grips with how our throw-away lifestyle impacts the environment, the people around us and our own health. UCT Green Campus Initiative will be inspiring us by sharing some of the things that they do on campus to create awareness.

Thursday, 6 October, 10am: WATER
Facilitators: Greenpeace Africa and TBA
Through a series of local and international animated and live-action films we learn more about that thing that makes up 75% of our bodies, water!.. and its health and conservation. We also learn how our actions on land affect the creatures living in the water. Today’s films not only address fresh water, but also its salty counterpart in the oceans.

Friday, 7 October, 10am: WILDLIFE AND CONSERVATION
Facilitators: Landmark Foundation and Nature Network
From the scary vulture to the cute penguin, today we learn some fun facts about wildlife and how to conserve our furry and feathery friends and their natural habitats. The films will tell us the stories of some amazing people in South Africa and the world that are doing important and exciting work in the area of conservation. Joining us will be Kate from the Landmark foundation who works with predator conservation. Nature Network will be helping us understand our role in the ecosystem.

Saturday 8 October, 11am: Story time at the Book Lounge
For the younger ones: We Love you Earth Storytime
Age: 3-8
Cost: Free
Where: The Book Lounge, c/o Roeland and Buitenkant Street
The Book Lounge will be hosting an Eco Storytime. They will be reading stories that evoke the sense that we should protect our planet. We will also be adding well-wishes to a Milkwood tree that we have purchased to be planted. For more information please visit or contact the shop at 021 462 2425.


Find out more visit The EKFI website



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