Mapungubwe Belongs to All of Us

Abraham Ramonwana, head guide at Tuli Safari Lodge says: “if a mine develops in South Africa, it’s also going to affect Botswana and Zimbabwe”. Abraham, like many others, believes that the Mapungubwe region should be preserved and protected from the impacts of infrastructural development, and allowed to remain pristine for generations to come – “mining and industry is a short term plan, tourism is a long-term plan.”

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Mining will Destroy Life’s Balance

Green Renaissance has just launched the second in a series of three videos, which were filmed in collaboration with the Save Mapungubwe NGO Coalition to fight against the granting of a coal mining license outside of the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site.

This video focuses on a character from the opposite side of the Limpopo River- Vanessa Bristow- who lives on a farm called Sentinel in Zimbabwe, and feels deeply connected to the land and variety of life in the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area.

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