A Mighty Purpose

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A Mighty Purpose

This dramatic video by Green Renaissance digs deep into the mind of the activist and calls on everyone to stand up for what they believe in.

Support the Protect Chapmans’ Peak Campaign. Your voice matters.


Chapman’s Peak Solidarity Sunset – Sunday 19th Feb: 5pm-8pm

Enough is enough. Corporate and government agendas are trying to over-rule public protest about the ugly, unnecessary office building planned for Chapman’s Peak, ignoring marches, petitions, hunger-strikers and very viable suggestions for alternatives. Murray and Roberts, with the agreement of the DA government, plan to go ahead with construction on Monday morning.

This is a call to everyone who has enjoyed the privilege of Chapman’s Peak. This Sunday let’s take back our mountain and join in solidarity to make a powerful public statement – that the toll company MUST employ a more environmentally friendly solution. Read on for the official invite.

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martin chappies2

Save Chapman’s Peak

A picture is worth a thousand words… Currently there is a large civil movement afoot to save Chapman’s Peak from development and ensure that its pristine beauty remains untouched. This breath-taking photograph of Chappies was taken by Canadian Cinematographer Martin Buzora, a passionate environmentalist who has kindly offered to donate all the profits from this photograph to aid the civil action. If you would like to find out more, sign the petition, donate to the cause or purchase a print of this photograph, follow the links below…

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