Future thinking Education - Elimu

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Future thinking Education – Elimu

Kenya is leading the way with a tech savvy solution that inspires primary school children to learn and changes the way we think about education.

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A Solar 3D printer

This is definitely something out of a science fiction movie. In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, Markus Kayser’s solar sinter explores the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy and material occur in abundance. Creating 3D objects out of sun and sand.

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The Natural Ass Sessions – Pedal Power NYC

Keeping with the theme of human power, here is a very cool video from Pedal Power NYC, an organization dedicated to capturing and repurposing human power with bicycles.

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The Venus Project

The Venus Project advocates an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization unlike any socio-economic system that has gone before. It calls for a straightforward redesign of a culture, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.



Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb

What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data? At TEDGlobal, Harald Haas demonstrates, for the first time, a device that could do exactly that. By flickering the light from a single LED, a change too quick for the human eye to detect, he can transmit far more data than a cellular tower — and do it in a way that’s more efficient, secure and widespread.

Holy Crap

Holy Crap! is a film which marvels at the work of SOIL, a non-profit organization working in Haiti to convert human waste into rich, viable fertilizer using dry, composting toilets.

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Rachel Armstrong: Architecture that repairs itself?

Venice, Italy is sinking. To save it, Rachel Armstrong says we need to  outgrow architecture made of inert materials and, well, make  architecture that grows itself. She proposes a not-quite-alive material  that does its own repairs and sequesters carbon, too.

Magnus Larsson: Turning Dunes into Architecture

This inspiring video from TED Talks, features architecture student Magnus Larsson who has a bold plan to halt desertification and transform the Sahara desert by creating a living wall built out of bacteria and sand.

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Shai Agassi: Electric Cars

Forget about the hybrid auto, Shai Agassi says it’s electric cars or bust if we want to impact emissions. At TED Talks, he unveils his company, Better Place’s, radical plan to take entire countries oil-free by 2020. This bold plan could spark nothing short of an automotive revolution!

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