Gravity Powered Lamp

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Gravity Powered Lamp

GravityLight is a revolutionary new approach to storing energy and creating illumination that is powered soley by gravity. The lamp uses no batteries or fuel and has no operating costs after the initatal purchase price of $5 making it a fantastic alternative to the expensive and hazardous kerosene lanterns, which are widely used in developing countries.

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The Potato Battery

Yesterday I discovered natures most versatile energy source – potatoes. With a few tweaks your everyday carbo load can be turned into a super spud that can power an alarm clock!!

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Powered by Trees

Imagine a forest that could power its own network of sensors to monitor ecosystem health. Well, this idea is fast turning from sci-fi into reality as more scientits explore how to harvest the metabolic energy from non-animal organisms such as trees.

The latest research by Andreas Mershin’s team at MIT shows that using electrodes made of the same metal gives a current, the electricity comes from a difference in pH between the tree and the soil, a chemical imbalance that is created by the tree’s metabolic processes!

While we are a long way off from powering a light bulb, this is surely an glimpse of a green energy future.

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Cover photograph by: Chad Stetson


Citrus Powered Clock

The Citrus Clock is an experimental timepiece designed by Anna Gram that actually runs on lemons! It works by using the same principles of electrolysis that is used in conventional electric batteries. The acid of the open-faced lemon interacts with the copper and zinc plug it sits on to create enough power to run the digital clock for a week or longer.

“This pedagogic project is a kind of shortcut intended to remind ourselves that nature, in spite of the various transformations to which we subject her, is still our direct energy source. ”

by ANNA GRAM’ [ florian dussopt + julie girard ] + Atelier Chauvet (cabinet maker) + Anthemis (electronic)

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Engaging Renewable Energy

A project of the Electricity Governance Initiative South Africa, 2011. This video looks at the events that took place in November 2011 which promoted informed and sustainable engagement between parliament and civil society on energy and climate issues.


Transition SA Series Preview

We are excited to announce that Cape Town TV is now broadcasting Transition SA. This 6-part documentary series explores Project 90 x 2030 ground breaking initiative to establish renewable energy demonstration sites throughout South Africa.

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First Light

EPISODE 3 OF TRANSITION SA: In South Africa there are about 2,5 million households without electricity. First Light – takes a look at a Rural Solar Initiative in KZN South Africa, where 50 impoverished households are fitted with solar lighting kits, many of them receiving electricity for the very first time.

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Moving Planet – September 24th, 2011: A Day to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

On the 24th September join Moving Planet a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis. Visit to find out more.

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A Heap of Energy

EPISODE 5 OF TRANSITION SA: The Johannesburg Zoo is taking their commitment to the environment to the next level and actively greening their operations – demonstrating how smart energy solutions like solar powered golf carts and bio-digestors (which turn food and animal waste into energy), can provide us with a heap of free, clean energy.

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Running on Water


From as early as the 19th Century, Reichenau Mission in KZN, South Africa, was literally running on water – using hydropower to run its Mill and generate electricity. In 2011 with the help of funders, Project 90 by 2030; volunteers and the SA Airforce the hydro electric system was restored – enabling Reichenau to regain a piece of its sustainable heritage and take the first steps towards a greener future.

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