Cangro - upside down planters

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Cangro – upside down planters

Cangro is turning the world of gardening literally on its head! Demonstrating that plants can grow and thrive in an upside down world.

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Save food from the Fridge!

I am always amazed how much practical knowledge we have lost over the years as we rely more and more on technology to provide for our solutions. This exciting project by Jihyun Ryou seeks to uncover the oral traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation (particularly focusing on the food preservation) and uses design to bring this knowledge back into everyday life.

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The Secret Life of Plants

A few years ago I read an intriguing book – the *Secret Life of Plants* by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. It analysed the relationship between humans and plants, exploring the idea that plants may actually be sentient!! Well 37 years on scientists are still exploring these issues with some exciting discoveries!

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