The Solar Connection

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The Solar Connection

EPISODE 2 OF TRANSITION SA: In 2011 the Durban Botanical Gardens became one of 15 Renewable Energy Demonstration sites setup by Project 90 x 2030 in South Africa. At the Durban Botanical Gardens two, 2.1 kW solar photovoltaic arrays are installed to run the visitors centre. They use state of the art technology to track the sun throughout the day, mimicking a plant’s leaves and demonstrating how natural systems can help us find solutions for a clean energy future.

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The Organic Revolution

New Episode of Ecobuzz:  This year the Natural and Organic Expo, teamed up with the Woman’s Show, to bring revolutionary ideas about green living to everyday South Africans. In this video we speak to some of the people who are leading this green revolution and find out what it is, to be truly organic and how the organic movement is growing in South African mainstream culture.