Pedal Powered Food Processor

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pedal powered food precessor
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Pedal Powered Food Processor

With the energy crunch around the corner, isn’t it nice to know that you can take your morning smoothie off grid!!

Created by Christoph Thetard  the R2B2 is a multi-functional, pedal-powered kitchen machine that can be used for a variety of food processing tasks from blending to grinding coffee. The machine is powered by a rotating flywheel that when pedaled at 400rpm generates 350 watts of power per minute, enough to handle most daily kitchen tasks.

Eating Wild – Urban Foraging

There is a new trend taking off in cities around the world – urban foraging entails sourcing free fruits, greens, vegetables and other wild foods from around the city.

In this Planet Green video, “G Word” correspondent Stephen Brooks creates an exotic salad from his urban foraging adventure in Los Angeles.

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Save food from the Fridge!

I am always amazed how much practical knowledge we have lost over the years as we rely more and more on technology to provide for our solutions. This exciting project by Jihyun Ryou seeks to uncover the oral traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation (particularly focusing on the food preservation) and uses design to bring this knowledge back into everyday life.

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The Soil is a Diamond

“The bread is in the soil, the food is in the soil. The soil is a diamond” says Christina Kaba, Abalimi’s Field Operations Manager. Kaba has dedicated the past 21 years of her life to empowering the people of the Cape Flats to provide for themselves. Her simple love for all things green and living has inspired the creation of lush green pockets of land scattered amongst a sprawling collection of houses and shacks on the Cape Flats. Today nearly 3000 Cape Flats families benefit directly from this innovative organic vegetable farming project Abalimi Bezekhaya.

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GMO Film Project Sizzler

The GMO Film Project (Untitled) tells the story of a father’s discovery of GMO’s through the symbolic act of poor Haitian farmers burning seeds in defiance of Monsanto’s gift of 475 tons of hybrid corn and vegetable seeds to Haiti shortly after the devastating earthquake.

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Dive! Trailer

Grocery stores around America are filling their dumpsters with food. Not rotten, spoiled food, but billions of pounds of good, edible food. Why? Because the expiration date is nearing? Because it costs less to simply throw away excess food rather than do something helpful with it? Follow filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and his circle of friends as they “dumpster dive” in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of L.A.’s supermarkets. In the process, they uncover thousands of dollars worth of good food and an ugly truth about waste in America: grocery stores know they are wasting and most refuse to do anything about it.

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TEDx – Birke Baehr: What’s wrong with our food system

11-year-old Birke Baehr reveals about the dark reality of our food system from GM crops to big-box agriculture at  TEDxNextGenerationAsheville in 2010. He calls for adults and children alike to support local, organic food production. He is an inspiration to all.

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The Organic Revolution

New Episode of Ecobuzz:  This year the Natural and Organic Expo, teamed up with the Woman’s Show, to bring revolutionary ideas about green living to everyday South Africans. In this video we speak to some of the people who are leading this green revolution and find out what it is, to be truly organic and how the organic movement is growing in South African mainstream culture.