David Kramer – Fracking is not an Option

David Kramer is the much-loved son of the Karoo – he has shaped his musical career around the rich stories of the unique Karoo landscapes and characters, and presents for the first time on film his new anti-fracking song. David believes that the cultural fabric of the Karoo is at threat if mining goes ahead. Click Read More to see the other episodes.

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The Yes Men Fix the World: The BBC Bhopal Hoax

Political activists, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno can’t take “no” for an answer! Over the past few years they have pulled off some of the world’s most outrageous pranks to expose social injustices, and big corporations and leaders who put profits ahead of everything else. This video is an excerpt from their movie The Yes Men fix the World. Brilliant, brazen and Yes, a must see!

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