Steve speaking at the Occupy COP17 Event

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Steve speaking at the Occupy COP17 Event

Exciting stuff is happening parallel to the United Nations Climate Talks taking place in Durban, ordinary people are coming together to call for action on climate change and a system of earth justice. In solidarity with the other Occupy Movements across the world, OccupyCOP17.

Pablo Solon: Occupy movement is a source of hope

Pablo Solon, former lead negotiator of Bolivia, speaks to OneClimate at an Occupy COP17 ‘General Assembly’ meeting outside the UN Climate Talks in Durban, South Africa.

Project 90 by 2030 Youth Forum 2011 – short version

This is the 4.30 minute version of the Youth Forum video from 2011.

This video gives an overview of our environmental leadership program which took place in 2011, in view of the need to influence the outcome of COP17, commencing in Durban in November 2011.

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