Sunshine Cinema

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Sunshine Cinema

Imagine a cinema powered only by the energy of the sun that can entertain and educate communities anywhere, everywhere…

The Sunshine Cinema is a mobile, solar-powered cinema that fuses storytelling & the power of contemporary media –  enabling knowledge and skills sharing from one community to another, transferring important information & practical solutions to a range of health, environmental & social issues.
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Bicycle CPT – a WDC 2014 Recognised Project

We are thrilled to announce that our campaign Bicycle Cape Town has been selected as a World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 Project!

Created in 2012 Bicycle CPT is a community platform for Cape Town’s emerging urban bicycle culture. The campaign aims to inspire more people to ride bicycles, facilitating a shift from car-dominated to carbon free mobility and the creation of a more livable city.

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BikeNYC Campaign #bikelikeanewyorker

To celebrate the launch of and the development of Citi Bike NYC’s bike share system, Transportation Alternatives together with marketing gurus Mother New York created the dramatic  print and outdoor campaign Bike Like a New Yorker.  The campaign calls attention to cyclists in the city with print ads and billboards posted throughout publications and around town, encouraging more New Yorkers to choose a bicycle for everyday use.

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Films for Action – Wall Of Films

I just stumbled across this amazing collection of  400 of the best social change documentaries FREE to watch online, all via one massive wall of films on a single page. This is one resource that is set to change the world by making essential knowledge available to everyone. So do share and help Wake Up the World

Wall of Films is created by  Films For Action , a community-powered alternative news center and learning library for people who want to change the world they provide citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society.

Grow – DIY Moss Graffiti

Moss graffiti is the eco-warrior’s answer to traditional chemical laced spray paint! Click the arrows to see Show Me How‘s illustrated, easy to use guide to making your own living, breathing work of art. Not only is Moss graffiti perfect for environmental messaging, it is also a fun form of guerrilla gardening.

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Showering for Glory

Do the Green Thing is back with a hilarious mini documentary about the forgotten sport of Short Sharp Showers.

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Do the Green Thing

Exploring green culture from a fun, quirky angle, with the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world, Green Thing focuses on seven things you can do to lead a greener life – and enjoy 

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Tribes to change the world

In this inspiring TED Talks, Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so, to go out and Tell a Story > Connect a Tribe >Lead a movement > Make a Change >

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Winning the Story Wars – The Myth Gap

Trying to get your message heard? Build an iconic brand?
Welcome to the battlefield.

The story wars are all around us. They are the struggle to be heard in a world of media noise and clamor. Today, most brand messages and mass appeals for causes are drowned out before they even reach us. But a few consistently break through the din, using the only tool that has ever moved minds and changed behavior—great stories.” (Amazon book review)

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bird 2
photo 3

One for the birds!

Check out this very cool piece of environmental messaging posted on a wall outside Cape Town’s trendy Biscuit Mill. Made out of bird seed this advert literally does feed the birds! You can too by visiting the World of Birds.