The Cape Town Eco Film Festival

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The Cape Town Eco Film Festival

The 2014 Cape Town Eco Film Festival will take place at the Labia Theatre on Orange Street in Cape Town, South Africa from Thursday the 27th of March to Monday the 31st of March.
The event brings the best local and international documentary films focusing on environmental issues to Cape Town.

We are very excited that two of our short films will be screening there.

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Bicycle CPT – a WDC 2014 Recognised Project

We are thrilled to announce that our campaign Bicycle Cape Town has been selected as a World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 Project!

Created in 2012 Bicycle CPT is a community platform for Cape Town’s emerging urban bicycle culture. The campaign aims to inspire more people to ride bicycles, facilitating a shift from car-dominated to carbon free mobility and the creation of a more livable city.

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The Bicycle Film Festival

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming to SA this November!

Started in 2001 by Brendt Barbur, the BFF is now a global phenomenon that celebrates the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.

The Bicycle Film Festival is a testament to the power of film and media to change the world and has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last decade.

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CycleLinks 0.3 Gugulethu

In June, together with a local cycling initiatives we launched the Bicycle Cape Town campaign. 3 months on, having gathered + 900 supporters, Bicycle CPT is leading a citizen-driven movement to transform CPT into a more people-friendly, connected & sustainable city.

Join us at the next CycleLinks (the official monthly gathering of the CPT’s bicycle community) in Gugulethu, where we will explore what local cyclists are doing in communities around the city.

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FLOW concert continued…

Here is the next installation of the FLOW concert, featuring mesmerizing performances by Guy Buttery, Ronan Skillen and Kyla- Rose Smith set to the underwater landscapes of the Two Oceans Aquarium.

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The brain child of Daniel Graham (@Cpt.Grimmy) and Elad Kirshenbaum (@onekcollection) #moonlightmass is a casual night bicycle ride starting at the Green Point Circle on a full moon once a month. Started as a social experiment on Twitter the ride has been gaining popularity and on the last ride there were over 200 riders raising awareness for cycling in the city and the safety of cyclists in the urban environment. `NEXT RIDE: Monday the 4th of June at 21:00, MEETING AT  Green Point turning circle.

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Bicycle Cape Town Event

This week Cape Town is going bike crazy!! On Monday night bicycle enthusiasts and organisations will gather to create the first ever united South African campaign to turn Cape Town into the most bicycle friendly city in Africa – and dare we say the world! Find out more about the Offical event below…

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TED x Seapoint – Who Moved my Sushi?

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend TEDx Seapoint – Who Moved my Sushi?  It was a truly inspiring event that brought light to the plight of our oceans (over 80% of the oceans fisheries are currently over-exploited) and shared solutions to protect and restore our marine resources. The speakers were change-makers from all walks of life – from big wave riders and free divers to filmmakers, artists, photographers and marine biologists.  As the day progressed a common theme began to emerge – that people will only conserve what they know and love and that media has a huge role to play in creating these connections. So let’s us all share our stories of water, for it is the element that connects us…

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FLOW Concert – Live at the Aquarium

I celebration of World Water Day, we have created a video of the Flow – For Love Of Water SA launch concert! Flow is a South African water awareness campaign that aims to celebrate and foster a love of water and to highlight water related issues. The video features top SA musicians. Zolani Mahola & Kyla Rose-Smith of Freshlyground, Guy Buttery, Ronan Skillen, and Donovan Copley (Hot Water) and Hanli Prinsloo (SA Freediving Champion) in a eerie performance in the shark tank!.

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Cape Town 2014 on film: What does design need to solve for you?

At the 2012 Design Indaba Expo, visitors to the World Design Capital 2014  stand were offered a pencil and post-it note, and invited to answer this question: “What does design need to solve for you?”

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