Grow - DIY Moss Graffiti

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Grow – DIY Moss Graffiti

Moss graffiti is the eco-warrior’s answer to traditional chemical laced spray paint! Click the arrows to see Show Me How‘s illustrated, easy to use guide to making your own living, breathing work of art. Not only is Moss graffiti perfect for environmental messaging, it is also a fun form of guerrilla gardening.

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pedal powered food precessor
pedal power3
pedal power4

Pedal Powered Food Processor

With the energy crunch around the corner, isn’t it nice to know that you can take your morning smoothie off grid!!

Created by Christoph Thetard  the R2B2 is a multi-functional, pedal-powered kitchen machine that can be used for a variety of food processing tasks from blending to grinding coffee. The machine is powered by a rotating flywheel that when pedaled at 400rpm generates 350 watts of power per minute, enough to handle most daily kitchen tasks.

The Potato Battery

Yesterday I discovered natures most versatile energy source – potatoes. With a few tweaks your everyday carbo load can be turned into a super spud that can power an alarm clock!!

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Powered by Trees

Imagine a forest that could power its own network of sensors to monitor ecosystem health. Well, this idea is fast turning from sci-fi into reality as more scientits explore how to harvest the metabolic energy from non-animal organisms such as trees.

The latest research by Andreas Mershin’s team at MIT shows that using electrodes made of the same metal gives a current, the electricity comes from a difference in pH between the tree and the soil, a chemical imbalance that is created by the tree’s metabolic processes!

While we are a long way off from powering a light bulb, this is surely an glimpse of a green energy future.

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Cover photograph by: Chad Stetson

Citrus Powered Clock

The Citrus Clock is an experimental timepiece designed by Anna Gram that actually runs on lemons! It works by using the same principles of electrolysis that is used in conventional electric batteries. The acid of the open-faced lemon interacts with the copper and zinc plug it sits on to create enough power to run the digital clock for a week or longer.

“This pedagogic project is a kind of shortcut intended to remind ourselves that nature, in spite of the various transformations to which we subject her, is still our direct energy source. ”

by ANNA GRAM’ [ florian dussopt + julie girard ] + Atelier Chauvet (cabinet maker) + Anthemis (electronic)

Found on SHFT

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet!

“If people say it’s impossible we have to prove them wrong.”
Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project –  to create an revolutionary Invisible bicycle Helmet. Something no one had dared to create before.

Film by Fredrik Gertten

Seen on: Design Indaba

How to make a tilt-out window garden

This drawbridge-style window garden, named Volet Végétal, was created by Paris-based design and architecture firm BarreauCharbonnet is the perfect solution for people who are living in apartments with no garden or balcony.
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The wonderful Wonderbag

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Wonderbag where you save energy, time and money every time you cook! 
Wonderbags are  insulated, heat-retention cooking bags that enable energy efficient, fuss-free cooking from vegetable curries to simple rice and soups. In this video food writer Katie Bishop shows us how to cook a gourmet meal the Wonderbag way.

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A Year of Open Source Living

Starting 1 August 2012, Berlin based filmmaker Sam Muirhead will ‘live’ Open Source for a year – that is without proprietary goods, “using and creating only Open Source solutions for every aspect of life, from cutting videos to chopping onions”!

In this ultimate DIY maker experiment, Sam will “be testing just how far the open source idea can go in real life” and giving us a glimpse of the future that Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux) imagined when he said “The future is open-source everything,”

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Women are Heroes

“once you start on the road to emancipation you have to keep going….

‘Women Are Heroes’ celebrates the heroism of women living through hardship and conflict. Created by French photographer and ‘urban artivist’ JR, Women Are Heroes is a powerful and provocative project that gives identity and a voice to the women of Africa, Brazil, India and Cambodia who are often victims of wartime, crime, assault, and political extremism.

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