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The first sparks of Wildfire were struck in 2008, when eco architect and film maker Leonie Mervis, created Ecobuzz an online TV channel to explore the use of new media and film as a way of sharing green ideas and encouraging environmental action.

Today Leonie collaborates with a dynamic network of film makers, designers and environmental educators, volunteers and activists who are passionate about using their skills to create a better world for all. They bring to each project a deep understanding of environmental issues and their skills in viral video campaigns, documentary films, digital design, environmental education initiatives and sustainable design solutions.

Leonie Mervis (Founder & Creative Director)

A designer, film maker & eco architect Leonie is passionate about sustainability and green living. After completing her architectural studies BArch Adv. she embarked on an exciting journey into the world of activism; founding Wildfire Creative, a creative studio working to ignite social change. Her work ranges from documentary films to social campaigns and sustainable design projects. She is also the creator and director of Bicycle South and an advocate for bicycle cities.


Jenna Mervis

A talented freelance writer, poet, graphic designer and founder of non-profit education initiative The Underdog Project. Check out her portfolio at writerepublic.

Justin da Silva Pinto

is a director and film-maker with a whole lot of creativity and passion and some pretty impressive practical knowledge and skills. Check out his portfolio at Sanchez Labs