Green Production

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At Wildfire we strive to ‘be the change we want to see’! We are a socially responsible business and are working towards becoming carbon neutral!

Our studios are currently powered by 50% renewable energy and have various other in-house greening initiatives:


  • saving energy – using LED and CFL lighting.
  • currently using solar power for water heating and hoping to go off the grid later this year!
  • switched from electric heaters to gas and efficient wood burning stoves (wood sourced fro alien clearing)


  • saving water in studio – low flow tap fittings
  • Greywater is recycled into the garden.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaners to prevent water pollution


  • reducing waste – e.g. using reusable water bottles on location
  • reusing and recycling waste – 95% of waste is recycled
  • Organic waste is composted in a worm bin


  • using eco – friendly products and services
  • using digital technology to reduce the need for printing. Printing (if we have to) on recycled paper.
  • offsetting carbon emissions from transport (when we absolutely need to travel).