Sunshine Cinema

Imagine a cinema powered only by the energy of the sun that can entertain and educate communities anywhere, everywhere…

The Sunshine Cinema is a mobile, solar-powered cinema that fuses storytelling & the power of contemporary media –  enabling knowledge and skills sharing from one community to another, transferring important information & practical solutions to a range of health, environmental & social issues.

Created through a collaboration between social entrepreneurs at Shift, Makhulu & Greenpop, the project is designed for South African rural communities & those living in under resourced urban environments, without adequate access to modern media tools & technologies.

Sunshine Cinema documents simple ‘engineering’ solutions, known as ‘appropriate technologies’, already in use in developing contexts & produces 3 min DIY format clips that demonstrate the construction & application of these technologies. These clips, together with relevant “edu-taining” shorts are then screened in other communities facing similar environmental and social challenges. Screenings are complimented by practical skills transfer workshops that empower communities and open up opportunities for sustainable livelihood and enterprise creation.

The Sunshine Cinema vision is to to one day create a global open-source library of appropriate technology short films and develop a mobile app that will enable anyone to record low-tech innovations, spotted anywhere in the world, to add to the Sunshine Cinema database.

Support Sunshine Cinema’s crowdfunding campaign and help them reach more rural communities in the Western Cape, South Africa.

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