MindDrive Social Fuel

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MindDrive Social Fuel

Powered by Tweets and social media, and built by high school kids, this electric car is not only changing young lives but is being used to transform education – raising awareness for experiential learning programmes like MindDrive.

MindDrive is an after-school programme for at-risk high school kids in Kansas City, USA. What makes MindDrive so groundbreaking is that it places a big emphasis on science-based education, bringing subjects like computer science and engineering within reach of everyone, regardless of their grades or funding.  Through hands-on learning MindDrive is inspiring kids who were struggling academically and behaviorally to transform their lives and rediscover the joys of learning and creativity.

Currently MindDrive runs two very exciting programs – an Automotive Design Studio and Contemporary Communications class. As part of these programs, students up-cycled a vintage Karmann Ghia car and kitted it out with an electric motor. They programed the car to use social activity (likes, tweets and shares) as a virtual fuel (governing its power) and rallied the online community to power the car on a journey from K.C. to D.C. where they met with legislators to drive change in education.

The students are also planning to roll the prototype into production—approximately one per month—as for-sale, car kits, which is a means of financially self-supporting the program. Inspiring…

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