Powered by Bike

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Powered by Bike

Ever wished that you could put your pedal power to good use, by charging your mobile phone while your ride? Now you can thanx to the team at  Siva Cycles who have designed the ATOM –  a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator. Apart from being a green minded, modern commuter’s dream, the Atom also has great potential to transform the lives of people living without access to electricity, enabling them to power their mobile devices and even lights by riding their bicycles.

The Atom easily attaches to your back wheel and uses your pedaling energy to charge a rechargeable battery pack that can be used to power virtually any electronic or mobile devices via USB.

This ingenious system takes the old fashioned dynamo charger t0 the next level creating a streamlined, efficient system that harnesses the kinetic energy you generate while pedaling – using it either to directly charge your device or storing the energy in the detachable battery pack, that provides you with clean renewable energy on the go. For more technical details and info check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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