DIY GMO Labeling

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DIY GMO Labeling

In the USA activists have come up with this brilliant “decentralized, autonomous grassroots campaign” Label It Yourself  that encourages citizens to take it upon themselves to label GMO foods at local shops!! For more details on how to “sticker bomb the local grocery store” and GMO labeling guidelines check out their website. (Found on:  Treehugger).


Although in SA the mandatory labelling of GM food was included in the Consumer Protection Act in 2011 (thanx to the work of the African Centre for Biosafety, SAFeAGE and the Label GM Foods campaign) there has been very little compliance from the food industry or enforcement on the part of government. The food industry has taken the view that current GM labelling laws are ambiguous and do not apply to processed food!

But hopefully things are set to change as in October this year “the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) published draft amendments to the regulations governing the labelling of GM food. According to the draft amendments, all locally produced and imported food containing 5% or more GM ingredients or components must be labelled as “contains genetically modified ingredients or components”. ACBio Consumers win GM labelling victory
Thursday, 11 October 2012

In the meantime, GM products are hiding out unlabeled in many unlikely products like – Impala maize meal, Wheat free Pronutro, Cerelac Honey (Nèstle) !! So get out your stickers and head to the supermarket and Label It Yourself!

For more info on SA specific products that are known to contain GM – or if you want to find out why you should be avoiding GM products:

African Centre for Biosafety 
Label GM Foods campaign


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