Bicycle Cape Town Campaign


In June 2012 we launched Bicycle CPT, a community generated campaign to promote bicycle culture in Cape Town and advocate changes to transform CPT into a truly bicycle-friendly city for all.

Bicycle Cape Town is about sharing ideas and inspiring more people to take to the streets and connect. Our goal is to get more people riding bikes, more often, for more reasons…

We are working with a team of local cycling and social initiatives, from bicycle enthusiasts, educators and activists to grow the campaign and enable Bicycle Cape Town to become a platform for Cape Town’s emerging bicycle culture.

Since its launch in 2012, Bicycle Cape Town has fast become the go-to place for “All Things Bicycle” in Cape Town. With a strong focus on community building and education, the platform showcases the work of local advocacy groups, bicycle businesses and community initiatives – providing an online resource for city cyclists, newbie cyclists and visitors to the city.


In 2014 Bicycle Cape Town was recognized as a World Design Capital 2014 Project. Through the year we worked to promote Cape Town’s bicycle culture, reaching out to both locals and international visitors through a series of events and and online campaigns.


The Bicycle Cape Town Logo is designed as an iconic emblem, a fusion of old and new that speaks to the history of the Mothercity, as well as the modern urban culture that is driving Cape Town’s growing bicycle movement.


We have used a combination of standard social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to grow community interaction. As well as a Evly – a crowdsourcing platform that enables people to share ideas and stories, upload pics, videos and links and have their say about Cape Town’s bicycle culture and suggest ideas to transform the city into a truly cycling-friendly place.


At the heart of the B. CPT website is a crowdsourcing platform, which acts as a community forum, and an interactive guide/ map to “All Things Bicycle” in Cape Town – from bicycle friendly places to visit, community initiatives and events. We are inviting the community to explore the city in a new way and share their favourite bicycle spots in Cape Town.


As part of the campaign we host a monthly CycleLinks event –  a gathering of Cape Town’s bicycle community where we share actions, ideas and campaign details in a social atmosphere. The website also has a built in petition management enabling us to really give voice to the needs of CPT’s citizens.