Making the Connection

Making the Connection presents the benefits of a plant based diet in a contemporary and upbeat style, showing that you can lead a healthy, fun, modern lifestyle that is fair, sustainable, compassionate. Episode 1 explores the delights of gourmet vegan food. The other 7 chapters are all here too – they explore issues of fitness, nutrition, global food security, environment, ethics and farming. Click Read more to watch them.

Produced by Environment Films in association with The Vegan Society.This film features music from two Internationally renowned vegan hip-hop artists Promoe and Jah Sun

Making t/ Connection Chp 2 Fitness

Go for a run with Fiona Oakes, a Vegan Super Woman, smashing myths and personal bests!

Making t/ Connection Chp 3 Nutrition

Sandra Hood, an NHS Dietician explains how we can stay healthy eating plants. Hester Campbell, a fitness instructor talks about motherhood, pregnancy and vegan nutrition.

Making t/ Connection Chp 4 Global Food Security

Episode 4 of Making the Connection explores how our food choices have wide consequences for the planet and looks at issues of issues of global food security and organic farming.

Making t/ Connection Chp 5 Farming

What would a world of sustainable plant-based agriculture look like? Take a tour around Tolhurst Organic Farm.

Making t/ Connection Chp 6 Environment

Food and the environment is closely connected. Raising animals for food uses lots of resources and creates much waste contributing to major carbon emissions and species loss.

Making t/ Connection Chp 7 Ethics

Episode 7 explores the the issues of ethics and takes a hard look at why animals are exploited and caused to suffer to produce things that we don’t need in the first place!

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