Occupy Wall Street – 5 Minutes of Slow Motion Video – September 17

Very cool Slow motion video by Eric Brown shows the first day of the occupation as a group of concerned New York citizens come together to bring their message of freedom to the heart of Wall Street.

ABOUT THE FILM (from the film maker)

I was curious to see how this event would play out, so I shot from 8pm to 10pm on September 17 at the General Assembly in Zuccotti Park. I was touched by the sense of community, and impressed by the level of cooperation and discipline among the occupiers.

The police presence was large, but they seemed to be under orders not to escalate conflict. Both sides were respectful and non-confrontational.

This is a group of passionate, concerned, and intelligent people. Their behavior in the park suggested a great appreciation of democracy, and a desire to cut through the clogged media and political channels to communicate a message they feel is incredibly important.

This video contains nearly five minutes of raw slow-motion clips that celebrate and document the faces and feelings of September 17.

I wanted to get this out within 24 hours of the shoot. Anyone who knows me will understand what a monumental power of will it took for me to leave this largely unedited. 🙂

I hope you enjoy it.

-Eric Brown

Song is “The Healer avec Modlee (Badu remix)”
by VLOOPER: http://vlooper.bandcamp.com/

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