Good Planets Are Hard To Find

South Africa’s First Lady of Space and environmentalist Elizabeth Klarer’s testimony of extraterrestrial contactee events remains the most trusted version of its sort to date. The prophetic message that she brought back from the planet Meton, via her supposed lover Akon and his people seem more valid now than it could ever be then. Never before wer…


Environmentalism, Activism & Humanitarianism seem to come in many shapes and forms these days. Elisabeth Klarer is no different. She was just years ahead. She stood behind her story with its strong environmental message until she died in February 1994. She believed that her work was here, to educate, witness and share what she had experienced esp as the dangers of our technology surpassing our humanity, seems eminent. Good planets are hard to find. It is time we take care of ours and it might just be, that we are not the only ones who think so.[/twocol_one]

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