Changing Lives Seminar

Date: 2010
Client: Project 90 by 2030 and the UCT Centre for Criminology

The 2nd Changing Lives seminar at UCT’s Centre for Criminology. This series, co- hosted by Project 90 by 2030 and the UCT Centre for Criminology, explores our relationship to the environment; and showcases practical projects that are changing lives today and building a secure, sustainable future.

Cover image courtesy of NASA Goddard.

PART 1 – An Introduction by Clifford Shearing (above)

PART 2 – Liz McDaid – Integrated resource plan, for people
Environmentalist Liz McDaid speaks at the 2nd Changing Lives Seminar about IRP P (an integrated resource plan, for people) and shares how she is joining the dots to create a greener energy future in South Africa

PART 3 – The REEvolution is here
Max Edkins of UCT’s Energy Research Centre, talks at the second Changing Lives Seminar about Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

PART 4 – The Joule – Emerging From the ICE AgeAnnie Bekker of Optimal Energy talks at the 2nd Changing Lives Seminar about the Joule, South Africa’s first electric car. Join her as she debunks some myths around electric vehicles and demonstrates how we can emerge from the ICE age – the age of the internal combustion engine – and embrace a new age of electric vehicles and cleaner transport.